Calendar Processing


The SSC will run the transactional functions needed to administer employee leave. It will be able to process all semi-monthly calendars at the same time, enabling all college and System Office employee leave balances to update simultaneously. The transactional functions provided by the SSC include:

  • Processing take and entitlement calendars semi-monthly
  • Identifying and communicating information on missing employee time and labor and employment data in HRMS
  • Resolving incorrect leave balances by handling communication and coordination among employees, supervisors, leave administrators and human resources (HR)

Benefits of running Calendar Processing as a shared service:

  • Maintenance and governance of VCCS’ PeopleSoft calendar processing schedule
  • Optimization of server utilization and underlying IT resources to execute calendar processing (less downtime)
  • Accurate leave balances are able to be viewed by employees and managers in a more consistent manner
  • Streamlined calendar processing across colleges through a single functional unit and a single schedule
  • Monitoring of process and communication of issues by the SSC
  • Institution HR teams are relieved of activities to engage managers to review and disposition leave requests and balances
  • Standardization of process execution across all institutions to provide consistency throughout VCCS
  • Consistent communication and common governance of a standard process that effects all VCCS institutions

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