2019 Fiscal Year AP Deadlines

To: Management Council Members, VP’s of Finance, and Business Managers

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procure to Pay Process Council – A/P Process Council Subgroup

Reason: 2019 Fiscal Year (FY19) End Accounts Payable Processing

Date: May 9, 2019

Re: AP Deadlines

Described below is the process that the Shared Service Center will be utilizing for year-end payment processing to assist the colleges with managing year-end cash. The goal of this process is to provide the colleges with maximum flexibility in determining cutoff for invoices where there is discretion as to which fiscal year the invoice could be funded from, while ensuring sufficient processing time for the Shared Service Center staff. Consistent with the business rules and state policy, the A/P department at the SSC will continue to require a three-way match of the invoice, purchase order and receiving date prior to processing an invoice for payment. Any prepayments must meet the applicable requirements of the CAPP manual.

Beginning June 1, all invoices will be routed to the college business office after the three-way match is performed for final approval of processing. A special year-end queue will be set up in ImageNow containing matched invoices awaiting college approval to be processed in FY19. Once the college has determined sufficient cash remains to cover the invoice, the invoice will be routed back to the SSC for payment. If you have concerns regarding fund encumbrance, you may want to reach out to the vendor directly to ensure a valid invoice has been sent by the deadline to the SSC for processing. As we approach June, we will provide training opportunities for the business office staff managing year-end invoice processing.

Consistent with prior year-ends, we expect Cardinal to close for processing vouchers during the last week of June. Processing of A/P at the Shared Service Center will halt a couple of days in advance of the shut-down of Cardinal to allow for processing of the AIS interface and clearing of interface errors and exceptions. As a result, all invoices must be fully received in eVA and at the SSC for payment by June 17th at 5:00pm in order to ensure they can be processed in time to meet these deadlines. We urge you to communicate to your staff the importance of planning ahead for purchases made late in the fiscal year.

Please contact the SSC Help Center 877-340-5577 or Help with any questions or requests for additional clarification.