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We firmly believe that our values are the guardrails that keep us heading toward our goal.  By keeping them always in mind, we are able to focus and prioritize on those things that are most important for ourselves, our communities, and our customers.

Respect the Why icon

Respect the Why

The Virginia's Community Colleges System was founded for the purpose of addressing Virginia's unmet needs in higher education and workforce training.  We strive to ensure that everything we do is focused on making resources available to deliver on that charter.

Earn our Customers' Business icon

Earn our Customers' Business

Our customers have a critical role in delivering on the VCCS promise.  We highly value them and their work and realize that delivering an awesome customer experience is the best way to show that.  The SSC is a partnership with our customers, and we seek to put them first in all we do.

Work Smarter not Harder icon

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We value asking for help when you don't understand something.  By sharing out knowledge we seek faster and more efficient ways to do things.  Our focus is on the outcome, not the effort, and by making things easier, we can free up time for tasks with the highest value.

Be a Change Agent icon

Be a Change Agent

To accomplish a better outcome, we must develop and deploy new methods.   We embrace continuous learning and work to support the VCCS through carefully implementing our new processes and methods to allow them to focus on prioritizing the students.

Improve Continuously icon

Improve Continuously

We daily seek to reduce waste and pursue excellence.  While driving both incremental and transformative improvements we are never content with the status quo.  We want each day to be a better experience for our customers, and deliver more value for the VCCS.

Be the Best Team icon

Be the Best Team

We embrace diversity and demand integrity in all that we do.  We realize that we are a team both inside the SSC as well as part of the larger team that is the VCCS.  We only win when we all win together, so we strive to learn from one another, share ideas, and always show respect for each other.

Contribute to a Fun, Optimistic Environment

Contribute to a Fun, Optimistic Environment

People are at their most productive when they enjoy what they are doing.  We value positive, supportive people, and actively find opportunities to support one another and celebrate success.  We love the work we are doing, and the reason for that work.

Strengthen Communities and Environments

Strengthen Communities and Environments

We have a responsibility to our communities that goes beyond just our students.  We, therefore, seek opportunities both individually and as a team to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities and planet.

Live a Balanced Life icon

Live a Balanced Life

We know there is more to life than our vocation.  Our families, friends, and ourselves deserve our time and attention as much if not more than our vocation.  By finding time away from work, we are able to return refreshed and with an even greater intensity.

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