1099 Timeline UPDATE

To: Management Council Members, VP’s of Finance and Business Managers

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Accounts Payable

Reason: 1099 Timeline UPDATE

Date: January 17, 2020

The 2019 Oracle 1099 patch was not completed until 01/10/20 so our start date was pushed back to 01/13/20. Due to this unforeseen delay we have adjusted the timeline for the 1099 process. Please see the revised timeline below. This makes your due date of 01/24/20 to return your spreadsheet responses to us firm as we are now on a condensed timeline. Please be ready to review this information so you can return it to us as quickly as possible.

01/13/20 01/13/20 1 Run reports and build spreadsheet
01/14/20 01/14/20 1 Review vendor classifications
01/15/20 01/18/20 4 Process preliminary adjustments
01/19/20 01/20/20 2 Run and review duplicate & mismatch reports; Process adjustments from review; Process special adjustments.
01/20/20 01/20/20 1 Re-run reports; build SS for college review; email for verification
01/24/20 Due date for college response
01/24/20 01/28/20 3 Make college adjustments
01/29/20 1 Run reports and update spreadsheet
01/30/20 1 Print/stuff/mail
01/30/20 1 Transmit to IRS – FIRE

Should you have any questions regarding this timeline or processing please don’t hesitate to reach out to Melissa Thomas (mthomas) or Rodney Ratliff (rratliff).