Compliance denial notification for Contracts Signed by Colleges

To: College Presidents, Management Council Members, and VP’s of Finance

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: Compliance denial notification for Contracts Signed by Colleges

Date: August 5, 2019

As per VCCS policy (July 1, 2018) and restated in Chancellor DuBois’ memo (June 17, 2019) regarding Delegation of Signature Authority, “Procurement / Contract Signature Authority rests with the Shared Services Center; neither college presidents nor their staff should sign procurement related contracts.” As Internal Audit has reiterated, “there can be very serious consequences which could involve the revocation of ALL signature authority from everyone at the VCCS, including the Chancellor”. If the SSC becomes aware of an order placed where proper signature authority was not followed, it will be denied back to the college and the college will need to start the order process again following proper signature authority process.

If you require additional information, or have any questions related to the process, please contact the Procurement team at the SSC by emailing contracts or calling the SSC Help Center 877-340-5577.