COVA W-9 Requirement – Immediate action required

To: Identified VCCS Vendors

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Accounts Payable

Reason: COVA W-9 Requirement

Date: December 11, 2018

Re: Immediate action required

The Commonwealth of Virginia has reviewed their vendor files and found that the required COVA W-9 form is not currently on file for your company. Future payment processing to you from the Commonwealth of Virginia on behalf of the Virginia’s Community Colleges System and all associated Community Colleges will be impacted if we do not receive this required documentation. Attached is the required COVA W-9 form that must be completed as well as the original communication sent from the Commonwealth Vendor Group (CVG) regarding this requirement.

Please complete the attached form, ensuring that it is properly signed, and send it directly to:

Commonwealth Vendor Group

P. O. Box 1971

Richmond, VA 23218-1971


Failure to comply will result in your vendor account with The Commonwealth of Virginia being deactivated.


CVG Notification letter.docx