New Chrome River Enhancements Release 5/14/19 and Tip of the Month

To: Active Chrome River Users, VPs of Finance, and Business Managers

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Travel and Expense

Reason: New Chrome River Enhancements Release 5/14/19 and Tip of the Month

Date: May 14, 2019

Re: Important Notice Regarding Chrome River Enhancements and Tip of the Month E

ENHANCEMENTS Chrome River system-wide enhancements were released on Tuesday, 5/14/19. These enhancements include the following: · Submit Compliance Violation #321: This compliance violation triggers when an expense report contains future dated expense line items at the time of report submission. Note: travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement after travel completion. TIP OF THE MONTH Pre-approval Requirements: When am I required to complete a Pre-approval Report? · All overnight travel and business meal expenses require a Pre-approval Report to be submitted prior to the first date of approval. · An appropriate member of management must authorize planned travel, including cost estimates, prior to travel. o We recommend submitting Pre-approval Reports in a timely manner in order to receive pre-approval from all appropriate approvers prior to the beginning of travel. What do I need to include in my Pre-approval Report? · All anticipated expense must be included in the Pre-approval Report. o CAPP Topic 20335, pg. 10: “Total cost includes lodging, transportation, meals, conference registration, and any other travel costs or course fees must be included in the estimate. Costs of the trip that may be direct billed, such as lodging or conference registration, must also be included in the cost estimate.” · Include cost comparisons, exceptions, and supporting documentation as well. TRAINING WEBINARS Did you know that SSC T&E Team hosts live training webinars for all Chrome River users on a reoccurring basis? Please visit the SSC T&E Training page to access the training calendar and WebEx links. Upcoming training webinars: · Open Question and Answers – 6/13/2019 @ 2:00 PM Do you have a process improvement idea? If so, please submit your ideas here. We kindly ask for you to share your ideas with us so we can continue to better your experiences and streamline processes. If you are experiencing any difficulty in using the system, the SSC Help Center is ready to assist you at 877-340-5577, or help We hope you find the new features useful in getting your travel expenses approved and reimbursed more easily.