Process Improvement for VCE Orders

To: Management Council Members and all eVA end users

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: Process Improvement for VCE Orders

Date: October 29, 2019

In August we shared the news that orders to two of the mandatory sources would be approved faster due to streamlined workflows in eVA. We are happy to announce that many orders to Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) will now benefit from the same enhancements.

Punch-out catalog orders for remanufactured toner, calendars, planners, and furniture items from VCE will follow a shorter approval path at the Shared Services Center. Please use the punch-out catalog wherever possible to enjoy the reduction in processing time. Orders for custom, quoted work – such as printing, embroidery, silkscreening, etc. – will continue to flow through the Shared Services Procurement Team.

Both the leadership at VCE and the eVA team with the Division of Purchases and Supply have been instrumental in implementing these workflow improvements. We are fortunate to have the kind of relationships with those groups which has made this possible, and extend our thanks to all parties involved.