What’s New as of July 13, 2018

Chrome River system-wide enhancements were released on Friday, 7/13/18.  These enhancements include the following:

  • Projected Routing for Pre-approval Reports: Allows users to view future approval steps in which their pre-approval reports will route.
  • New Import Pre-approval Link Location: The link to create an expense report from an approved pre-approval report is now located at the top of the header page rather than the bottom of the header page for greater visibility.
  • Location Field Search and Display:  The location field now displays addresses in the same format used by Google Maps: City, County (if applicable), State/Province, and Country.  Making it easier for users to search for their locations.
  • Creating Expense Line Items Directly from Receipt Gallery: Users may now add expense line items to existing or new expense reports directly from their receipt gallery, streamlining the expense entry process.
  • Keyboard Navigation on Dashboard: Users have the ability to navigate among the user-interface elements on the Dashboard by using the Tab key.

View the What’s New July 2018 Enhancement Release PPT (MyVCCS Login required) OR Chrome River Help page for more details.


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