Business Transformation Office

We’re here to help. The Business Transformation Office (BTO) can help you expand education opportunities by removing obstacles, implementing solutions, and promoting process improvements.

Each College has a direct line to the BTO through their dedicated Client Partner. You can request assistance, highlight issues, and provide feedback to a Client Partner who is dedicated to your success. You can also submit ideas through our Process Improvement Form or by contacting the Help Center at 877-340-5577.

Your feedback is then provided to SSC's senior leadership team and to BTO Analysts. Analysts help maintain compliance by researching issues and developing solutions, which are then approved through the SSC Governance Process as appropriate. The Analysts confirm the feedback and also discover opportunities through extensive data mining.

Some solutions require guidance from the Project Management Office. Project Managers keep everything moving while delivering business value and driving the positive changes for Virginia’s Community Colleges.

When an improvement or new process is ready to implement, Content Management will make sure you know where to find the answers. The solution will then be shared with you through training or communication.

Everyone in the BTO is focused on demonstrating the value of the on-going partnership between the Shared Services Center and the Colleges to reduce cost and administrative burden.


Metrics – June Scorecard Update

To: Management Council Members, VP’s of Finance, and Business Managers From: Shared Services Center Area: Business Transformation Office Reason: Metrics...

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