Client Partners

Client Partners work as the strategic interface between the colleges and SSC to identify issues and develop solutions to help drive quality and efficiency.

They help drive change and execute the vision of the SSC and VCCS by developing or refining processes and procedures, identifying training or communication needs or recommending opportunities for system enhancements, all in the spirit of continual process improvement.

Clients Partners serve as a trusted advisor to help research and resolve issues.

If you have process improvement ideas, please fill out our Process Improvement Form or call the Help Center at 877-340-5577


Meet our Client Partners:


Jill Harbison

(540) 591-4007





If you have contacted the SSC Help Center, and you are concerned about your resolution, timeline, or recurring issues, please ask the Help Center to escalate your issue.  The Help Center will follow the Escalation Procedure in doing so.  If you have not contacted the SSC Help Center regarding your issue, please do so 877-340-5577 or