The Business Analyst takes feedback provided by colleges, client partners, other SSC departments to identify recurring themes and areas of potential process improvement.  Working with the Data Analyst, this feedback is confirmed through review of data we track on all of the services we provide at SSC. All of this information is synthesized into solutions such as training, recommendations for process improvements, and the creation of new tools that streamline procedures, increase knowledge, and make it easier for people to do their jobs. This is an integral part of the innovative strategy to reduce the administrative burden on individual colleges, reduce cost, and improve compliance.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst extracts data from systems and puts it into meaningful charts that represent how a process is performing against specified targets. These visual displays help everyone have confidence that processes are being monitored and improved. The information helps us make decisions about appropriate actions we can take to improve a process and demonstrates which processes are performing effectively.

Metrics and Dashboards

Meet our Analysts:

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Sean Corron

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Aaron Stevenson




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