Changes to Perceptive Content Queues to Support new PCard Business Rules

To: Management Council Members and Business Managers

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Business Transformation Office

Reason: Changes to Perceptive Content Queues to Support new PCard Business Rules

Date: June 12, 2020

Management Council approved new business rules that will enable colleges to use PCards to pay Purchase Card Orders (PCOs) in eVA. You will receive additional details on those changes later this month. In order to better support these payments, a new “Payments” Queue will be added to Perceptive Content. If an invoice is received at the SSC that is associated with a PCO, that invoice will be routed to the “Payments” queue for college payments. Local funds invoices will also be routed to this queue. Please see the attached slide for more information.

Please provide the name(s) and MyVCCS ID of persons at your institution that should have access to this queue for the purpose of processing payments by 6/17/20. This person can be the same person that is processing invoices in the “Exceptions” queue or you can name a different person depending on your needs. In addition, we will be temporarily routing PCard Invoices to the Exceptions queue after July 1st if they are received by the SSC. Please request access to this queue through your Security Officer for anyone who needs access to the Exceptions queue for the purpose of processing PCard payments.

These resources will also be asked to participate in testing prior to rollout to Production and training will be provided.

For any questions, please contact Rick Friesen (rfriesen).

PCO Accounts Payable