Exception Email Automation


To: Chief Human Resource Officers and Agency TLAM Contacts
From: SSC TLAM Team
Area: Time and Labor and Absence Management
Reason: Exception Notifications
Date: November 1, 2018
Re: Exception Email Automation

To improve notification efficiency, the SSC will be automating emails for Outstanding Exceptions. The automated emails will look similar to current email notifications, with a minor change of listing the employee by name instead of EMPLID. There will be no change to the distribution schedule of these notifications. This change will be effective (TBD – approx. 4 weeks from notification approval).

Notifications for the VX9001 (Reported Hours < Scheduled Hrs) exception will now be included with automated exception notifications to managers and Human Resource Offices. For additional information on resolving Outstanding Exceptions, managers can refer to the HRMS Manager Self Service Guide, Reviewing and Resolving Time and Labor Exceptions section located here.

Please distribute this information to your agency’s managers.

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