Faculty Leave Calendars Processed

To: Chief Human Resource Officers and Agency TLAM Contacts
From: SSC TLAM Team
Area: Time and Labor and Absence Management
Reason: Reporting Process
Date: August 19, 2019
Re: Faculty Leave Calendars Processed

Just a friendly reminder, the SSC’s TLAM team has completed processing of the annual Faculty Leave calendars. This process transfers any remaining personal leave to sick leave and loads new yearly balances to employees in the 9-Month Traditional Faculty Leave Plan. Please refer to the TLAM Activities Calendar for a detailed overview of the process.

The results of the process can be verified by using the VX_AM_CALENDAR_GROUP_LEAVE_BAL, posted to each College Folder. It should reflect the following:

· Remaining Personal Leave balances (Plan 10) moved to Sick Leave (Plan 01)

· 24 Hours was loaded to Personal Leave

· 36 Hours was added to Sick Leave

Please distribute this information to all appropriate parties.

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