Purchase Card

The Shared Services Center Purchasing Card (PCard) Program provides a cost-efficient method of procuring and paying for low value goods and services. Using the PCard simplifies the purchasing process, reduces paperwork, and expedites supplier payment.

Apply for a PCard
Changes to a PCard
Lost/ Stolen Cards and Charge Disputes
  • To report a lost or stolen PCard or to dispute a particular transaction, contact BOA at 888.449.2273
  • In most cases, disputes can be resolved directly between the cardholder and the vendor that provided the goods and services.
Approved PCard Transactions

The PCard can be used for the following items:

  • Point of Sale transactions for emergent needs that are under $5,000 with justification if micro of small business cannot be used
  • Point of Sale transactions of food related to instructional programs e.g. Culinary arts program, veterinary technology programs
  • Pre-Approved meals are documented in eVA and in accordance with Non-Travel related meals
  • Purchases requiring a login and password such as subscriptions, conference registration fees and membership dues
  • Food and lodging for students (only when student is on travel status)
  • Emergencies in accordance to state procurement regulations
  • To maintain PCI compliance, never conduct PCard transactions through email. Never include a PCard number in an email
  • Never allow vendor to store card number on file
Prohibited PCard Transactions

The PCard cannot be used for:

  • Non-State use (i.e. personal or private use)
  • Purchases in excess of $10,000
  • Splitting orders that would cost more than $9,999
  • Payment of past due invoices to circumvent Prompt Pay policies and procedures
  • Gift Cards and Gift Certificates unless prior approval from DOA’s charge card team
  • Business Travel – Cannot use SPCC for employees who travel overnight at least twice per year, as they are required to use the travel card. Please refer to CAPP 20360.
    • Transportation expenses (e.g. airline, rail, bus, car rentals and other transportation)
    • Accommodation and lodging expenses (e.g. hotel, motel and other accommodation)
    • Food and beverage expenses (e.g. restaurants, fast food outlets, food and beverage dispensers, and all other food and beverage purchases)

Industry Restrictions:

  • Accommodations
  • Car Rental
  • Oil/Gas
  • Restaurant/Food
  • Travel

Here is a detailed list of MCC’s that fall under each industry restriction.

PCard Declined Charges

Merchant Category Blocks

If a particular charge is declined, refer to the following steps:

  • Is the purchase a prohibited merchant category? For example, the PCard cannot be used for travel-related expenses. If it is not a prohibited merchant category, proceed to Step #2.
  • Is the purchase a legitimate, department-approved expenditure? If yes, proceed to Step #3.
  • Contact Bank of America customer service immediately at 888.449.2273 to acquire the appropriate Merchant Category Code.
  • Download the PCard Restriction Lift Request form
  • Complete the form including required signature from Requesting Authority
  • Send completed form to PCard@ssc.vccs.edu for review and approval with the following included in the subject line: PCARD CHANGE REQUEST.
  • Block lifts will be completed within 3 days of request submission.

Here is a detailed list of MCC’s that fall under each industry restriction.

Over Credit Limit

Occurs when monthly spending exceeds the credit limit on the PCard. Solutions include increasing the monthly credit limit using a PCard Change Request form or finding an alternative purchasing method.  Here is a detailed list of MCC’s that fall under each industry restriction.

PCard Restriction Lift
  • Use this form to remove an industry restriction on a PCard for the following categories: Accommodations, Car Rental, Oil/Gas, Restaurant/Food, and Travel.
  • Send completed form to PCard@ssc.vccs.edu with the following included in the subject line: PCard Restriction Lift.
  • Please allow 3 business days for processing.

The cardholder is responsible for retaining documentation of purchases and returns. The SSC will reconcile transactions in AIS, using documentation and information from the submitted PCard Packet.

Required procedures for reconciliation:

  • During the month (16th -15th) the cardholder will document all PCard transactions on the PCard Log
    • Assign the correct expenditure code for each transaction. If the coding is split between two departments, indicate them on a separate line with a brief description the comments section
    • Indicate the eVA exclusion or PCO/EP number or PR/FORM number
    • If sales tax has been charged for a purchase it is the responsibility of the cardholder to have that tax amount credited back to the card
  • On or around the 16th of each month download the VISA Charge Card Statement within BOA Works https://payment2.works.com/works/
  • Each cardholder is responsible to have PCard log, BOA statement and all receipts and/or supporting documentation emailed to invoice@ssc.vccs.edu by the 25th of each month.
  • If for some reason a charge is left in the generic account after the open reconciliation period, an ATV MUST be completed to redistribute charges out of the generic account code
  • If there is no activity for that billing cycle you still need to send your approver and Program Administrator (invoice@ssc.vccs.edu) an email stating there were no charges for the month
  • Failure to maintain proper records can lead to the suspension or revocation of the small purchase charge card
  • An audit checklist template is available for use by cardholders and approvers as a guideline for ensuring SPCC reconciliations/documentation are compliant with the SSC and state requirements
Approving Authority

As an approving authority you are responsible for the following:

  • Ensure proper use of the card by reviewing charges made to the Department
  • Approve charge and credit transactions for the department. Ensure that all returns are credited back to the small purchase charge card. If a merchant refuses to credit the SPCC charge card and issues a "store credit", immediately advise the Program Administrator with the specifics
  • Ensure that the cardholder maintains records and completes reconciliation as required by this procedure. Review and approve reconciliation or ensure individual delegated to perform these duties does so in a timely manner.
  • Complete annual online training, first when you become an approver and then each year before May 1st.

Use this form to guide your review of cardholder’s transactions


Internal Audit plans include a review of the use of PCards to determine whether they are being used in accordance with PCard Policy.  In addition, the Program Administrator or delegate may conduct random audits to determine whether administrative policy objectives and regulations have been met.


SSC Business Rules
CAPP Manual topic 20355
APSPM -The Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual
DGS -Commonwealth of Virginia Department of General Services
DPS-Division of Procurements and Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

I will be out of the office for the summer, or other extended period of time, and will not be using my SPCC. Is there something I should do with my card before I leave?

Yes. Please email the Program Administrator PCard@ssc.vccs.edu with the dates you will be out of the office, and your SPCC will be placed in a temporary suspended status during this time. This is important because it minimizes the risk of your account being used while you are away and unable to log in to Works to view/reconcile transactions.

How can I see the reason for a card decline?

All attempts made on your SPCC appear on your authorization log. You can access your authorization log by logging into BoA Works and locating the Accounts Dashboard on the Works homepage. Click on the Account ID (last 4 digits of your card) next to your name, and select the "View Auth Log" option from the drop-down menu. Your authorization log will appear as a pop-up box and show all authorizations made on your SPCC as well as the result of the attempt (e.g., authorized, declined, reversed, etc.). Cardholders are also encouraged to contact the Program Administrator PCard@ssc.vccs.edu for assistance with card declines.

What is the deadline to reconcile transactions?

Transactions must be logged and emailed by the 25th of each month and then reconciled by the SSC by the 9th of the month in which the cycle closes. For example, transactions from a billing cycle ending on 2/15/18 must be received by 2/25/18. All card transactions lock on the 25th of the month to allow the SSC to reconcile transactions. Transactions may no longer be reallocated after the 9th as they are locked for the ATV. All cardholders are urged to reconcile their PCard packet as they process transactions. Do not wait until the end of the billing cycle to begin reconciling your transactions. You will not have enough time to complete the reconciliation process.

Can I use my PCard for travel expenses?

No. For Travel expenses, use the IL Travel Card.

When are PCard balances paid?

The balance on PCards are paid automatically on the 7th of each month.

I think my PCard has been compromised. What should I do?

Contact BoA at 888.449.2273 immediately to cancel the card and send a replacement. Then contact your PCard Administrator to update your card information in AIS.

Who should I contact regarding PCard/AIS account problems?

If your PCard transactions are being posted to incorrect AIS accounts, contact the PCard Administrator at purchasing PCard@ssc.vccs.edu.

Please contact the SPCC Program Administrator with any questions regarding the SPCC program.

Rachel Compton

SPCC Program Administrator
Accounts Payable Office


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