Important Notice Regarding Travel Arrangements Request Process Change

From: SSC Communications
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 8:06 AM
Subject: Important Notice Regarding Travel Arrangements Request Process Change

To: Travelers, VPs of Finance, and Business Managers

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Travel and Expense

Reason: Travel Arrangements Requests

Date: October 16, 2018

Re: Important Notice Regarding Travel Arrangements Request Process Change

Effective October 16, travel arrangement requests booked by the SSC T&E team must be submitted through a fillable web form located on the SSC public site’s Travel Arrangements page.

Allowable travel arrangements which the SSC T&E Team can book:

o Airfare, Rail, Bus (e.g. Amtrak and Greyhound)

o Conference Registration Fees

o Hotel Accommodations (Room Rate & Lodging Taxes Only)

§ Room Rate cannot exceed 150% GSA unless pre-approved by Agency Head and Department of Accounts

§ Hotels must accept the Small Purchase Credit Card (SPCC) number over the phone or a secured online web form

· The hotel must not require a card imprint on file, and

· The hotel must not require a faxed or mailed copy of the SPCC or full SPCC number (including email)

Travel Arrangement Request Disclaimers & Important Reminders:

– Requests must be in compliance with CAPP and VCCS guidelines

o Requests containing expenses for personal comfort, convenience, and taste are not permitted (e.g. charges for premium desired airline seats)

– Requests must be SPCC payment eligible

o Payments cannot be made through some Third Party Payment Processors (e.g. PayPal)

o Hotels must accept SPCC number over the phone or a secured web form

o Single travel expenses cannot exceed $5,000

– Local/Foundation funded requests are NOT eligible

– Requests for student travel arrangements are eligible on a case-by-case basis

– Requests for Non-employee travel arrangements are NOT eligible

– Requests requiring check payment (or Direct Bill) are NOT eligible

o Contact the SSC Help Center Team for Procure-to-Pay instructions and guidelines

– Traveler is responsible for notifying the SSC immediately of any changes or cancellations to travel plans

– The Travel & Expense Team cannot guarantee the request can or will be accommodated to meet the specific travel needs (i.e. requested hotel is fully booked, exact flight no longer available, etc.)

How to Request Travel Arrangements Booked by SSC T&E Team:

– Requests must be submitted to the SSC T&E Team no less than 3 business days from the first date of travel

– The SSC T&E Team cannot book arrangements more than 6 months from the first date of travel

o You must obtain a fully approved Chrome River Pre-approval Report

o You must complete a Travel Accommodations Form (T&E7000)

o You must complete the Travel Arrangements Request web form

§ Required to attach relevant documentation:

· Fully approved Chrome River Pre-approval Report

· Completed Travel Accommodations Form

§ Special instructions and/or pertinent information should be attached to the web form request

After completing the Travel Arrangements Request web form, the request will be sent to the SSC for case ticketing, tracking, and processing. You will receive a Salesforce case confirmation email verifying the receipt of your web form request with an assigned case number.

We anticipate the improvements from this change to include:

Increased submission speed: SSC T&E will receive requests faster because college level approvers will no longer have to approve the Slim Line Forms, and the SSC Procurement team will longer have to assign Slim Line Forms within eVA. This will allow all other eVA requests to be assigned and processed faster.

Reduced workload: Not all college employees have eVA access, which requires those with access to submit requests on their behalf. The use of a web form will eliminate the need to submit requests to the limited number of college employees with eVA access. SSC Procurement will no longer get Slim Line Forms for SSC T&E requests.

Increased security: Fewer college and SSC employees will require access to eVA.

Increased accessibility: SSC T&E and SSC Help Center team members will be able to access ALL travel requests for eligible colleges, not just the colleges assigned to each respective SSC T&E specialist. Additionally, the process flow can also be more easily monitored by the SSC Help Center, which is our first line of communication between the colleges and our team.

For assistance, please contact the SSC Help Center 877-340-5577, or help

We hope you find the improvement useful in getting your travel arrangement requests processed faster and more easily.