New Background Check Vendor: Applicant Insight

To: CHROs, Management Council and VPs of Finance
From: Shared Services Center
Area: Human Resources and Procurement
Reason: New Background Check Vendor: Applicant Insight
Date: January 20, 2020
Re: Introduction of new VCCS Background Check Company: Applicant Insight

The Shared Services Center is happy to introduce a new Background Check Vendor, Applicant Insight. Applicant Insight was selected based on the need to have improved service and turnaround time across our VCCS footprint. This transition will standardize the background check processes and packages for all VCCS agencies, ensure compliance with hiring practices and deliver cost savings through operational efficiencies.

Contract VCCS-WIDE-19-0086 was awarded to Applicant Insight in December 2019. Attached is a listing of packaging and pricing for all of the initial Background Check packages and Drug Testing services that are available to you. When you are ready to switch to Applicant Insight, you should submit a blanket eVA purchase request (PR). Please ensure your PR contains the following:

  • Contract number (enter in the contract number field): #VCCS-WIDE-19-0086
  • Any documentation you have from the previous year that shows how you came up with this year’s estimate

Each VCCS location may continue to use their current vendor until either the current vendor contract expires or they are ready to move to Applicant Insight. As a future state, we are working to integrate Applicant Insight with other HR systems and this will be the vendor of choice going forward. All VCCS agencies will be using the new vendor by December 1, 2020.

What we need from you: To initiate your account with Applicant Insight, please complete the attached Contact Information Sheet and email it to tpapanicolaou. Once the form is complete, Applicant Insight will contact you directly to set up user account (s) and provide training and details on how to order.

Questions about or assistance with the solution should be directed to the Applicant Insight Relationship Manager:

Teresa Papanicolaou

Senior National Account Executive

Office: (713) 485-5470

Cell: (505) 228-8005


Questions concerning next steps or contract and vendor relationships should be directed to SSC:

Adina Slyter Jeff Taback

SSC HR Operations Line Manager Contracts Manager and Strategic Sourcing Officer

Office: (540)-591-4055 Office: (540) 591-4071

aslyter jtaback

ApplicantInsightContactInformationForm .pdf

AI Listing of Packages and Pricing.pdf