PeopleAdmin- Chrome access

To: College HR Contacts using SSC ATS Services
From: Shared Services Center
Area: Human Resources – ATS
Reason: PeopleAdmin- Chrome access
Date: December 14, 2020
Re: PeopleAdmin log on through Chrome

PeopleAdmin released a new version of their HigherEd Platform on December 11, 2020. There was no downtime and all updates completed successfully.

Google had an outage over the weekend and pushed an update to their Chrome browser that may display a message stating the data being sent is unsecure.

This is a widespread issue with Google Chrome that is affecting all Chrome users, not just PeopleAdmin customers. PeopleAdmin is investigating to see if there is anything they need to update in their application. In the meantime, if there is any concern, it is recommended to use an alternate browser like Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Please reach out to ats with any questions or concerns.

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