Procurement Regulation Changes APSPM PIM38

To: Management Council Members, VPs of Finance, and all eVA end-users

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: Procurement Regulation Changes APSPM PIM38

Date: August 24, 2020

The SSC continues to strive to provide helpful services for our Colleges. This year, Virginia’s Division of Purchases and Supply (DPS) has recently issued a second Procurement information Memoranda (PIM) that documents additional charges to the APSPM. The Procurement team has completed an in depth review of the additional annual changes to the Procurement regulations that took effect August 15, 2020 as PIM38. To ensure that all those impacted by these changes within the VCCS have the opportunity to understand these changes, the Procurement Team has provided a summary of the changes below and an attached snapshot of the regulation before and after the changes (orange font highlights the change within the section). Please review the changes at your convenience and submit any questions you have to the help center.

Please forward this message to anyone in your staff that would benefit from this information.

Summary of APSPM PIM38 Changes

APSPM Cite Summary of Change Procurement Notes
3.19 Deletes second sentence Removed notation to publically post small purchases greater than $10,000
5.1 Adds last paragraph Clarifies that competition is required using an unsealed IFB or RFP for small purchases between $10,000 – $100,000
5.6, 5.6.a, 5.6.a.1, 5.6.b, 5.6.b.1, 5.6.b.6 Replaces “Unsealed Bidding” with “Informal Solicitations“, Adds new title “Unsealed Bidding“, Deletes second sentence, Adds new section, Adds “3.11.g” after “Priority“, Deletes section Changes the titling of section 5.6 from “Unsealed Bidding” to “Informal Solicitations” and proceeds to delete 5.7 and roll it in to 5.6 Removed the option to use a minimum of four sources for a micro or small vendor
5.7 Deletes section Deleted section as it was combined into the section above or 5.6
Annex 5-A Adds “a” after “5.6” in the last box on the left, Replaces “5.7” with “5.6.b” in the last box on the right Annex 5-A is the Small Purchase Flow Chart. This changes all the references from the old 5.6 and 5.7 to the new 5.6 section
Annex 5-E Adds “Informal Solicitation” in front of “Unsealed Bidding Process”, Deletes “and 5.7” in third box on the right, Replaces “5.6.c” with “5.6.a.4” in fourth box the right Annex 5-E is the Unsealed Bidding Flow Chart. This changes the titling and section references
Annex 5-F Adds “informal Solicitation” in front of “Unsealed Request for Proposal Process”, Deletes “and 5.7” in third box on the right, Replaces “5.7.a” with “5.6.b.2” in the fourth box on the right Annex 5-F is the Unsealed Request for Proposal Flow Chart. This changes the titling and section references
14.9.c Updates Numbering Sequence Changes from mismatches lettering and numbering to numbering format
Appendix B, Section II Adds “66. Federally Imposed Tariffs” to the special Terms & Conditions New Special Term & Condition for Use as needed
Appendix C, PIM Record of Changes Adds Summary of Changes This is a new section that moves the listing of PIMs from a separate document into the APSPM as a new Appendix. All PIMS NOT Listed to the left due to size
Index Corrects several references to the APSPM, Vendors Manual or the Code of Virginia Corrections within the Index completed. Not noted due to size.

PIM38 Change Review.pdf