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NEW Platform Training for Suppliers
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We're excited to announce eVA transitioned to a new platform November 1, 2022 to deliver modernized technology, tools and capabilities to make the purchasing process easier, more intuitive, and streamlined for all of our users.

Training Available 24/7

We want to make sure our suppliers are familiar with the new platform and its features. You will find new training resources off the Transition Newsroom page under Information for Businesses (Suppliers). This training is available 24/7 so you can fit it into your schedule when it’s convenient.

What Will You Learn About?

  • Account Maintenance/Updates
  • Access Your Orders
  • High level Overview for Responding to Solicitations
  • Catalog Creation

Want a Preview of the New Platform?

Watch the October 11 preview session. Watch Now

Need More Information About the Transition?

Visit the Transition Newsroom today!

Other Important Reminders

Supplier Training is Now Available Click Here!
New Platform Training Resources Now Available for Suppliers



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