Master List


A.  To search within this document, press "Ctrl + F".  A search box will pop up on the top right of your screen.  Type your search terms in the box and press "Enter".  Any text within the document that matches your search terms will be highlighted.

B.  The originating Contracting Entity is listed in the Contracting Entity column (for example, JMU will be listed if the contract we are using as a cooperative was originated by JMU).  If you would like to become an authorized user for any contract, including cooperative, please send an email to to seek approval.  If you have any other questions regarding these contracts, please send an email to

C.  A Glossary is listed below the Master List for your convenience of navigating and interpreting this list.

Download Procurement Master List

  • To download a copy of the Master List, click on the link above
  • The spreadsheet will open in a new window.  Click on File > Download to save a copy to your computer

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