Publishing of SSC Procedures

To: Management Council Members, VPs of Finance, and Business Managers

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Business Transformation Office

Reason: Publishing of SSC Procedures

Date: August 12, 2020

The Content Development Program, approved by Executive Council, is one of SSC’s major initiatives and will help to establish and formalize standard procedures for each service line. Standard procedures are a resource that will strengthen consistency and compliance. We are excited to continue publishing documents on the SSC website as they are approved by the respective governance council. To access the documents, click the Procedures tab and enter your VCCS login credentials. To ensure the procedures are easy to locate, we’ve categorized them by service line as well as listing the Procedure name and number, if applicable. Please take some time to visit the Policies and Procedures page and become familiar with the growing list of resources.

The following additional Shared Services Center (SSC) procedure has been recently published.

Accounts Payable

AP Credit Processing

  • Credit processing ensures credits and refunds align with the correct purchase order and institution.

Applicant Tracking

Creating a New Position Description

  • Creating a new position description is required when the Institution has verified that one does not already exist as an open (un-seated) position.

Transitioning a Hiring Proposal

  • Transitioning a hiring proposal moves the candidate from the hiring stage to onboarding stage.


Create a Purchase Requisition

  • Procedure update: Added approved business rule

Prepare and Issue Quick Quote, Evaluate Quick Quote, Amend Quick Quote, and Award Quick Quote

  • Quick Quote is the preferred sourcing tool to solicit bids and quotes for procurements that require informal competition and that can be awarded on the basis of price.

After initial publication, the procedures will be reviewed and republished annually to ensure they are up-to-date. More frequent updates will also be made when changes are required.

Please share this resource with appropriate personnel on your campus. If you have any questions related to Content Development, please reach out to the Shared Services Help Center 877-340-5577 or help.