SSC HR Operations Update

To: Management Council Members, CHROs, Payroll Officers
From: Shared Services Center
Area: Human Resources
Reason: HR Operations Update
Date: October 9, 2019
Re: Process changes

Shared Services Human Resources Operations would like to take the opportunity to share an update on current processes.

DIRECT DEPOSIT UPDATE: DOA previously requested that all new hire employees log into Payline to print, sign and submit their direct deposit forms with a wet signature to their college Human Resources or Payroll office. This would have resulted in all new hires to receive their first paycheck as a live check. In order to eliminate the increase of paper checks, the DOA has confirmed VCCS can utilize the current secured onboarding process through SilkRoad for direct deposit submission. This will allow new hires to complete the direct deposit form electronically and submit through the secured system as usual. A copy of the voided check will still need to be provided to the college Human Resources or Payroll office. All other employees must log into Payline to print the form for submissions to the college Human Resources or Payroll office.

Below is the updated task information for SilkRoad:

Revised Employee Instructions:

New hires are required to sign up for direct deposit one of two ways:

  1. Complete the Direct Deposit task, with an electronic signature, via your onboarding event in SilkRoad as a new hire.
  2. The second option is to receive your first pay via a paper check. Once your first paycheck has been received, you will then need to log into Payline ( to create a security record and access the direct deposit form. The completed direct deposit form with a wet signature must then be submitted directly to the Human Resources or Payroll office.

Please pay attention to the following requirements:

× Employees must fill out a separate form for each direct deposit account.

× All required fields on the form must be completed:

The Agency Name, Employee Name, Address, Employee Number, Financial Institution Name, Routing Number, New or Change, Account Type, Amount, New Account Number, Employee Signature (must not be an electronic signature) and Date fields are ALWAYS required.

× The Current Account Number field is required if changing from the current account to another OR if making a change in the dollar amount going to the account.

× Documentation is required to verify routing and account numbers; i.e. voided check, account identification card, direct deposit instruction provided by the bank or other documentation from the financial institution (top part of a bank statement, Member Information Card, etc.).

× If you complete a new direct deposit form outside of SilkRoad it must contain a wet signature. The direct deposit form is not to be shared electronically. Employees must then submit the completed form with a wet signature and required documentation to Human Resources or Payroll office for processing.

Here is a direct link to the How to Become a Payline Participant guide: . Please contact Human Resources or Payroll with any specific questions or concerns.

BENEFIT FORMS UPDATE: Recently, it has come to our attention that some VCCS employees have received their VRS-2 (Designation of Beneficiary) form back with a denial due to having an electronic signature; requesting them to sign and return. After further research, SSC has confirmed that the VRS-2 form (Designation of Beneficiary) does require a wet signature to be valid. SSC also confirmed that once the wet signature is acquired, the form then can be faxed to Virginia Retirement System (VRS). During a recent CHRO call, college Human Resources determined that benefit forms should be signed by the employee and provided directly to the college Human Resources Department for processing. Please consider a strategy for your college to audit employees who have already begun employment to ensure the document on file does not contain an electronic signature.

SSC will update the SilkRoad benefit form task effective October 18, 2019, to reflect the following:

EE Instructions - This task contains two forms that need to be completed:

(1) Virginia Retirement System (VRS) - Designation of Beneficiary, and

(2) Minnesota Life - Enrollment Application for Optional Group Life.

You will need to complete each of these forms with the necessary information, print and then provide to your college Human Resources Department to process.

(1) The VRS Designation of Beneficiary needs to be completed to designate a beneficiary for VRS Basic and Optional Group Life Insurance AND for your defined benefit retirement contribution account. It is only necessary to designate a beneficiary if you want the payment to be made in a method other than by order of precedence established by law. If you previously completed a VRS-2 and wish to change beneficiaries or now wish to choose the order of precedence, you must complete this form to revoke any prior designations. You can use the “Name of Trust Organization” section of this form to list a fourth beneficiary. *See note below if you need to list more than four beneficiaries.

(2) As a member of the VRS, you have the opportunity to protect your family’s financial security with optional group life insurance. Guaranteed coverage if applied for within 31 days from date of employment. This term insurance program is designed to provide an immediate death benefit at a reasonable cost. The following options are available to newly eligible employees without providing evidence of insurability (EOI):

· Optional Life: Elect any available option up to $400,000.

· Spouse Term Life: If you select option 1, your spouse will be eligible to receive up to one-half of your salary (all other options will require EOI).

· Child Term Life: All coverage is guaranteed (amount based upon your optional life election).

EOI will be required for any amounts exceeding the guaranteed limits or if any coverage is applied for outside of your initial 31 day eligibility period. EOI is also required if you want to increase coverage after transferring from one state agency to another state agency.

NOTE: Use the Designation of Beneficiary - Continuation form to designate additional beneficiaries when the number of beneficiaries you desire exceeds the number allowed on the Designation of Beneficiary (VRS-2) form. If you need to complete the Continuation form, please use the same date used to sign your Designation of Beneficiary (VRS-2) form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HR Operations Line Manager, Adina Slyter at aslyter by Monday, October 14, 2019, so that we may address prior to the changes in SilkRoad occur.

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