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The Virginia's Community Colleges System, which is comprised of 23 community colleges and a central administrative office, has established a Shared Services Center to process common administrative transactions.
The Center will allow the VCCS to:

  • Develop a streamlined approach to more efficiently handle day-to-day transaction-based functions that all 23 Colleges and System Office must undertake in order to operate.
  • Save money by providing greater efficiency and reducing manual efforts.
  • Leverage technology not only for efficiency, but also for accuracy of work.
  • Provide all our institutions access to consistent, quality services and expertise, regardless of their size.

All of this will allow us to better focus our resources on our students – helping them start their educational journeys, persist and succeed.

Innovation allows an organization to make the most of every dollar spent. At the Virginia's Community Colleges System,
our compelling mission, our ambitious strategic plan and our fiscal realities challenge us to ensure that community college resources
are maximized for the priority of student success and credential completion.

The VCCS Shared Services Center is an innovation strategy to advance that priority, reduce the
administrative burden on individual colleges, consolidate transaction-based functions, create economies of scale and improve
backroom process efficiency.
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