As a service within the SSC, Procurement Operations provides a unified procurement and contracting process for all of the 23 colleges in the Virginia's Community Colleges System, as well as the System Office.  Procurement Operations consists of a team of procurement professionals focused on excellence in service, full regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement in procurement operations.

Purchasing tips used by other colleges:

  1. If using a mandatory source, put MANDATORY SOURCE in the title.
  2. If using a state contract, put STATE CONTRACT in the title.
  3. If using an eVA punchout catalog, put PUNCHOUT CATALOG in the title.
  4. If the order is for NETSPACE items, put NETSPACE in the title.  Also, email a copy of the requisition to Lynn Taylor.
  5. If at all possible do not submit a requisition with zero dollar amounts, get a quote from at least one vendor or use your best guess on dollar amounts.
  6. If at all possible do not submit a requisition with “Vendor to be determined”, try to get a quote from at least one vendor and attach that quote to the eVA requisition.
  7. If you think that the order is going to require a Quick Quote write the description in the eVA requisition as if it was going on a Quick Quote.
  8. If ordering furniture and other products & services provided by VCE, you must use VCE or get a waiver from VCE and attach that waiver to your eVA requisition, as with all mandatory sources.

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