Benefits of the Shared Services Center


Shared Ownership.  Shared Governance.  Shared Value.  The VCCS Shared Services Center (SSC) strengthens our colleges, our community, and our system by processing administrative transactions that allow us to focus on our core mission:  student achievement.  Join us in promoting the Shared Services Center vision at VCCS.

  • The Benefits Are Clear.  The SSC allows us to better use technology, streamline processes, and leverage our statewide presence to save money.  By utilizing the Shared Services Center, we help our students succeed, strengthening the Virginia workforce and the Commonwealth's overall economy.
  • Do More Together.  The SSC leverages technology and processes that encourage and promote collaboration, allowing us to succeed together.
  • Service That Excels.  You have access to consistent, high-quality services and expertise, regardless of your college's size.
  • Available When You Are.  With cross-trained resources and consistent procedures, the staff in the SSC are available to provide support when you need it.
  • Focus on People, Not Paper.  The SSC allows your college to spend more time on mission-critical services--helping educate and train our communities.
  • Data Driven Decisioning.  Standard processes provide consistent data that will be used to capture insights that lead to better decisions.
  • Continuous Improvement.  The status quo is never good enough.  We will work with you to continue to find better ways to serve our colleges, become more efficient, reduce costs, and deliver improved services.

And with the SSC, I can...

" everything I could always do but faster, more easily and more efficiently."   -- VCCS Employee

"...spend more time solving the complex problems that impact our employees and students."  -- College Business Staff

"...focus on the educational and training needs of our community."  -- VCCS Leader

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