Solicitations and Contracts


Solicitations and Contracts
State Contracts To obtain more favorable prices through volume purchasing and to reduce lead-time and administrative cost and effort, DGS/DPS may establish mandatory use term contracts for goods or services. DPS contracts are posted on the eVA State Contracts listing.  Agencies and institutions are required to check this listing for contracts, contract changes, renewals, and mandatory use prior to placing orders.
Active Solicitations The list of solicitations (RFPs, IFBs, Quick Quotes, etc) requested by the Colleges that are currently being worked by the Shared Services Center Procurement Team.
Queued Solicitations The backlog of solicitations and renewals (RFPs, IFBs, Quick Quotes, etc) needed by the Colleges that the Shared Services Center Procurement Team is planning to begin at a future date.
Master List of Contracts The current list of contracts that are available for the Colleges.  Please note: NOT every contract is available for every College. If you would like to become an authorized user for any contract (including the cooperative contracts and VCCS Contracts), please send an email to to seek approval.
Work in Progress: work in progress
eVA Sourcing and Contracting As part of DPS guidance, all state agencies are moving to the eVA Sourcing and Contract module for publication of their contracts. The VCCS is in the process of migrating from the "Master List of Contracts" spreadsheet (linked above) to the eVA Sourcing and Contracting module.

We are pleased to be able to open this page with a significant number of our contracts published as a 'work in progress'.

While we continue to work towards publishing more of our contracts, please ensure that you refer to the Master List of Contracts for a complete listing of our contracts.

The eVA Sourcing and Contracting module provides additional information and allows users access to:

  • A contract summary
  • A redacted contract
  • All renewals and contract modifications

Please note: From the list, click on the contract number in order to see the documents that are available for the selected contract.  Special access or log-in is NOT required.  You may also filter by Organization and/or enter "Virginia Community College Shared Services Center" without quotation marks.

We hope that you find this new tool and access to more information helpful and user-friendly.  If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Engagement team at 877-340-5577 or

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