Business Meal Approval Request Form (PRO4000) Rev 7-18 - For meals to be taken in on site at your college, system office or shared service center use this form to obtain signature authorization and submit as an attachment to your requisition.

Speaker Agreement Form (PRO4001) Rev 7-18 - Fill out and obtain signature from your event speakers and attach to your requisition.

Strategic Sourcing Request Form (PRO4003) Rev 7-18 - Complete this form and follow submittal directions for procurements that need a solicitation, generally (not always) over $100,000.

COVA W-9 Form (DOA9000) - Although the strong preference is for a vendor to self-register in eVA, instances exist where we must state-enter a vendor.  Request such a vendor to fill out this form and submit it to

Vendor Complaint Form (DGS9200) - Complete this form, when a vendor has failed to perform per the terms of our contract and submit it to

DOA Trading Partner Notification of Change Form (DOA9002)

DOA EDI Payment Agreement For Vendors (DOA9003)

Emergency Procurement Justification and Approval Form (PRO4006) Rev 8-18 - Complete this form and attach it to your confirming requisition to answer the detailed requirements for procurements meeting the emergency definition

Cooperative Approval Form (PRO4007) Rev 1-19

Travel & Expense

Travel Accommodations Form (T&E7000) Rev 8-18 - This form is required when requesting travel arrangements to be made by the T&E team.

Travel Request Form (T&E7001) Rev 8-18 - Form may be used to obtain pre-approval for Non-Employee and/or Student travel expenses.

Accounts Payable

Credit Request Information Form (ACP0001) Rev 7-18 - Information often requested on credit requests by suppliers before doing business with the VCCS (e.g. contacts, where to mail invoices, etc.)

Cardinal Stop Payment Authorization Form (CAR9100) - Information to be submitted to Treasury in order for a check can be cancelled/stopped payment and subsequent action taken to reissue, close, etc.

SPCC New Card Request Form (PRO4004) Rev 7-18

SPCC Change Request Form (PRO4005) Rev 7-18


DOA Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form (DOA9001) -This form is required by payroll when setting up a new direct deposit bank account, changing a direct deposit bank account, or stopping a direct deposit bank account.

2018 IRS Federal W-4 Form (IRS9000) - This form is required by payroll and IRS to setup marital status and number of exemptions in the payroll system which determines the amount of federal tax withheld from the pay check.

2018 Virginia Withholding Form (PAY5000) - This form is required by payroll and Virginia Department of Taxation to setup the number of exemptions in the payroll system which determines the amount of state tax withheld from the pay check.

Payline Navigation - Payline is a web-based service available to all Commonwealth of Virginia employees paid through the Commonwealth Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (CIPPS) and provides the means to view and print personal earnings and benefits for each payday.

Virginia Way2Go Enrollment Form - The Virginia Way2Go Card® Debit MasterCard® is not a credit Card. It is an FDIC-Insured Bank Debit Card issued by Comerica Bank. No credit check or bank account is required to enroll. Your Card is welcomed everywhere MasterCard is accepted.  Instead of mailing you a check or receiving direct deposit to your bank account, your funds will be automatically credited to your Card account. You can make purchases only up to the available balance on your Card.

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