FAQs for Managers, Search Committee Members, and College HR

Can multiple job duties be added?

Can search committee members vary by posting?

How does information from ATS flow into PMIS for brand new positions?

How do I log into ATS?

How do I post an Internal Position?

How will I be notified of items needing review or approval in ATS?

If we are editing a job, will PeopleSoft integration override the edit?

In ATS, are User Groups defined as everyone that goes into the system (including committees) or does it refer to hiring managers?

In ATS, how do I make changes to a posting once it has been published?

In ATS, who will be assigning position numbers if it is not a new position?

Is an item considered approved if a user moves it back or forward in ATS?

Is Classification the same as Role title?

Is there a place to attach the EWPs in ATS?

It is Mandatory to include a supervisors’ name in ATS?  Is it visible to the applicant?

What if I need a committee member external to my agency?

What if there are multiple people in one user group in ATS?

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

What will committee members be able to see once logged into the system?

What will I be able to see once logged into ATS?

When an employee is hired, will they go into the PeopleAdmin system?

When a position is created, will the ATS generate a link that can be used?

Where do I go to apply for a job?

Who has the ability to deactivate committee members in ATS?

Will I be able to prioritize and/or watch a recruit closely, if necessary, in ATS?

Will I be able to provide feedback within the system?

Will I be able to require specific applicant documents?

Will I be able to use supplemental questions (SQs)?

Will this new system application match the new state application requirements?

Will training be provided on ATS?

Why do I need to manually post in RMS?

Why does committee member show pending?  Can we deactivate committee members?

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