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January 2020 Website Updates

Updated news stories on Home page 1/3/2020 Updated link to Business Meals Approval Request form 1/4/2020 Updated Queued Solicitations 1/8/2020 Updated Active Solicitations 1/8/2020 Updated Human Resources table 1/8/2020 Added table for Recent Communications 1/16/2020 Updated Recent Communications 1/21/2020 Added Help Center Inquiry Procedures 1/29/2020

December 2019 Website Updates

  Updated text only version of website Updated news stories on Home page Updated Communications Updated Procurement Forms Updated Master List Added training dates Added training dates

November 2019 Website Updates

11/1/19 Updated SSC Service Utilization Map 11/5/19 Updated FAQs for Purchase Card 11/8/19 Added Contracts Master List 11/15/19 Updated Forms page 11/18/19 Updated Training Calendar 11/18/19 Update Procurement Training Calendar 11/19/19 Updated Recent Communications 11/20/19 Updated Careers page 11/20/19 Improved Search Function and Search Results 11/20/19 Added Current Newsletter 11/20/19 […]

June 2019 Website Updates

Updated Meet the Help Center Team page 6/7/19 Updated Active Solicitations 6/6/19 Updated Queued Solicitations 6/6/19 Updated each service line with new applicable blog posts 6/8/19 Updated Services Utilization Map 6/11/19 Updated Road Map 6/10/19 Updated Road Map 6/25/19 Update TLAM Activities Calendar 6/26/19 Updated Service Level Agreement 6/28/19

May 2019 Website Updates

Updated Active Solicitations Updated Queued Solicitations Updated Forms Added Sole Source Justification Form Added Strategic Sourcing Request Form Updated Cooperative Contracts Approval Form Updated Mandatory Source Summary PDF and fixed links Updated Roadmap Update T&E 7000 form Added Evergreen Process Review option to Request Changes to Website form Updated Project […]

April 2019 Website Updates

Added Information Security Plan Archived Town Hall Updated link to Current SSC Newsletter Updated Roadmap Changed banners and sliders Added download link for Procurement SLA Added download link for AP SLA Added reminder for Procurement Year End Deadlines Updated Cooperative Approval Form Updated Strategic Sourcing Request Form with instructions Updated […]

March 2019 Website Updates

Updated Travel Arrangements Requests Form Updated Process Improvement Form Updated Request Changes to Website Form Added page for Communications Request Form Updated Roadmap Added Travel Start Date field to Travel Arrangements Requests Form

February 2019 Website Updates

Updated Roadmap Added link to current newsletter Added W8-BEN-E to Forms page Updated Governance page Updated HRMS guides Updated T&E forms Updated T&E Travel Arrangements requirements Updated Analysts page