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August 2023 Website Updates

Posted:  September 5, 2023 Added VIB Waiver Form Updated SSC Procedures and Job Aids Updated Recent Communications Updated Forms Updated VCCS Contracts List and Solicitations page Updated Meet the Customer Engagement Team page Updated Frequently Asked Questions page

June 2023 Website Updates

Posted:  July 7, 2023 Updated Meet the CE Team page  Updated Governance page Updated Recent Communications  Updated Payroll Operations page  Updated SPCC New Card Request Form

May 2023 Website Updates

Updated Information for Vendors page Updated Meet the Customer Engagement Team page Updated HRMS User Guides Updated eVA Transition Project page Updated Recent Communications

April 2023 Website Updates

Posted:  May 1, 2023 Updated VCCS Contracts page Updated Solicitations and Contracts page Updated TLAM Activiities Calendar Updated Home page Updated Recent Communications Updated Obtaining a COI procedure

March 2023 Website Updates

Posted:  April 3, 2022 Updated Recent Communications Updated Cardinal Transition page Added Chrome River New Users training video Added New Horizons training video Updated Travel & Expense Training Requests form Updated DPS Culinary Waiver Updated SSC by the Numbers 2022 Updated VCCS Contract List page Updated Active Solicitations page Updated Queued Solicitations page Updated Solicitations and Contracts page

February 2023 Website Updates

Updated Escalation procedure Updated Reset to Draft Status procedure Updated Meet the Customer Engagement Team page Updated Training calendar Updated VCCS Contract List Updated TLAM Activities Calendar Updated Recent Communications Updated Home page Updated Knowledge Base articles

January 2023 Website Updates

Updated eVA Receiving and Returns QRG Updated Meet the Customer Engagement Team page Updated Frequently Asked Questions  Updated eVA Information page Updated State Pay and Holidays Schedule page Updated Governance page Updated Our Colleges page Updated Travel & Expense page Updated Procedures and Job Aids Updated Escalation procedure Updated TLAM […]

December 2022 Website Updates

Posted:  January 3, 2022 Updated Obtaining a COI procedure Updated Chrome River University page Updated eVA Transition Project page Updated Recent Communications Updated Procedures