eVA Transition Project


DGS/eVA Go Live Target

NEW eVA Go Live Date:  November 1, 2022
View Announcement  by DGS Director, Joe Damico

eVA Transition: Procurement Process During Conversion Guidance

VCCS training sessions are scheduled for the new eVA training.  Please contact the SSC Customer Engagement team for additional information.

Attention Buyers!  Training Assets are refreshed and available for you to access in the LMS.  Find out more now!
Attention Suppliers!  Supplier Training is now available.

  • Key Project Dates (Tentative)
    • Pause Reference Data Updates – 10/1/2022
    • Electronic Responses for Sourcing & Contracting Disabled – 10/14/2022
    • Supplier Account Maintenance Temporary Pause – 10/14/2022
    • Supplier Registration Temporary Pause – 10/26/2022
    • Transition Start – Noon on 10/28/2022
    • Go Live – 11/1/2022
Quick Reference Guide (Important links):
Virginia Institute of Procurement (VIP) – Learning journeys are housed here. Learning journeys specific to your role should be completed prior to attending the live training session(s). If you have never taken a class in VIP, click on 'Log In' in the upper right corner, then click on 'Sign Up'.  You will be able to sign up for access to the system there.
SSC eVA Transition Project Page – Good reference point for all things related to the eVA transition. The SSC will also have the Quick reference guides linked on the website once they are available.
eVA Transition Newsroom – DGS eVA transition page. There are Buyer user group meetings linked here, as well as up-to-date information on the conversion.
eVA Transition Training page – A listing of all the available learning journeys.  It also has a link to the VIP system and other helpful information about the learning journeys.
eVA Transition Supporting Documents page (QRGs) – Quick Reference guides directly from DGS will be housed here as soon as they are released.  

If you have questions or concerns specific to your agency, please contact the SSC Customer Engagement team 877-340-5577 or email help@ssc.vccs.edu with the subject line "eVA/iValua transition". Copy and paste for ease:  eVA/iValua Transition Related Topic

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