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From: Craig Herndon <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 4:56 PM
Subject: eVA update

Good afternoon, eVA users.  As you may already know, the Department of General Services (DGS) has embarked on a project to modernize the Commonwealth-wide procurement system, eVA.  DGS has selected a software platform called Ivalua as the foundation for this effort, and has again selected the private firm CGI as their technology support partner.  The project is intended to deliver improved procurement experiences for agencies and vendors alike with streamlined and consolidated information, better ease of use, and a more modern platform for continuing enhancements.  DGS is leading the overall project and has set out its ambitious schedule for the effort.  DGS expects the cutover to the new software platform to occur this December, with an “all at once” approach.  To date, DGS has been focused on internal “design” and “development” work.  The project is now shifting to the activities in which VCCS can participate, including preparations for training, user acceptance testing, and “go live” activities.  VCCS has formed a core project team of key SSC and ITS resources who have been working together with DGS on the project to date and will be coordinating our system-wide engagement going forward.  I serve as the Executive Sponsor of this effort and Dennis Moynihan, the SSC Director, is serving as the overall project lead for the VCCS team.  The team will be reaching out to the VCCS eVA community with additional information on our opportunities for training, testing, and other necessary preparations to ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded eVA system.    Given our daily reliance on the eVA system across the VCCS, it is essential that we work together to properly prepare for this cutover and to maximize the benefits we can achieve from this improved technology.  Your assistance in helping to share the news of this pending change and your eventual participation in testing, training, and other forms of implementation are deeply appreciated.  For continually updated information on the project, please check out the VCCS project page and the DGS “eVA Newsroom” page.  Thank you in advance for your participation in this important effort!

My best,


Craig Herndon, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Technology
Virginia's Community Colleges – System Office
300 Arboretum Place, Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23236

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