TrainingThe Shared Services Center provides training for both the VCCS colleges and for the Shared Services staff.

College training consists of an orientation that is delivered to the colleges as services are rolled out. This orientation includes:

  • An overview of Shared Services
  • A description of the service being rolled out
  • The roles and responsibilities of the colleges and the Shared Services Center
  • The impact and advantages of shifting work to the Shared Services Center
  • Short and long term plans for Shared Services offering

VCCS Institution Training

College training is scheduled shortly before the rollout. The Shared Service Center Program Staff will be in touch with your college to schedule specific dates and times based on the rollout plan.
Click to access the college orientation materials

SSC Internal Training

Training for the Shared Services Center staff includes key topics to support new employee onboarding; provides background on the Shared Services Center vision for both new employees and transfers, and delivers the key content on processes and tools to make the services provided highly effective. Process and tools training is specific to each process.
Click to access the Shared Services staff training materials