1099 Timeline 

To:                  Management Council Members, VPs of Finance, and Business Managers

From:             Shared Services Center

Area:              Accounts Payable

Reason:         1099 Timeline 

Date:              December 1, 2023

Below is the timeline for this year’s 1099 processing. Please note in the timeline that on January 19, 2024, we will be sending each college a spreadsheet to review and verify with us prior to printing on January 30, 2024.

Please be prepared for this review and make the necessary arrangements as we will need your response no later than January 24, 2023. The only thing needed from each college prior to that time is information regarding any deceased employees and their related information.

You may contact the SSC Customer Engagement team at 877-340-5577 or help@ssc.vccs.edu with any questions. Thank you!

1099 timeline

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