Procurement-Focused Customer Service calls

To: Customer Service Call Contacts

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: Procurement-Focused Customer Service calls

Date: January 6, 2022

Dear Colleges,

Happy New Year!

We are truly excited to be communicating the restart and full deployment of our procurement-focused customer service calls!

  • Beginning next week January 11th and January 13th 2022 we will be offering weekly sessions for all colleges per the chart below. In general, these calls provide a platform for you to discuss requisition issues, solicitation issues, post-procurement challenges and even legislation changes that impact procurement.
  • In order to support this opportunity for all colleges we do need to make some changes from our historical calls as noted in the chart below. We hope that you find these changes beneficial, as well!
  • You have received this message because you have been identified as an attendee for these weekly sessions. Please review the attached contact listing at your convenience and let us know if any changes are needed. We look forward to speaking with you on these calls beginning next week.
What's New What's Not Changing
  • Our Schedule and Facilitators are New - Please see the table below
    • Procurement leadership will be in attendance
    • We will have a timekeeper to help us start & stop on-time
    • The Facilitator will send out the meeting notes
  • The purpose of the calls is to provide a platform for procurement-related issues
  • Procurement Status Report will be sent in advance of the sessions. These reports will include:
    • Aged requisition status updates
    • Open solicitation updates
    • Open issues updates
  • We want to remind you that expedite requests should continue to be sent to Customer Engagement so that we do not dilute our time to discuss issues
  • Formatting of the meeting will change from a report out to specific topic discussions brought by SSC procurement team and the colleges. To prepare each week:
    • Review the status report
    • Have new issues ready to discuss
    • Invite additional team members for specific issues
  • We want to remind you that while we are happy to pass on messages for Accounts-Payable related issues or inquiries, these calls are not staffed with anyone from the AP Team, so please try to send these requests to Customer Engagement

New Schedule (ALL Calls are WEEKLY)

Call Name Colleges Day Time
SO ITS Call SO ITS Tuesday 9A - 10A
NVCC, TCC Call NVCC, TCC Tuesday 10A - 11A
Northwest (NW) Call BRCC, VWCC, PVCC, LFCC, DSLCC, CVCC Thursday 9A-9:30A
Southwest (SW) Call NRCC, WCC, SWCC, VHCC, MECC, PHCC Thursday 9:30A - 10A
Southeast (SE) Call ESCC, TNCC, PDCCC, SSCC, DCC, RCC Thursday 10A-10:30A
Central Call JSRCC, JTCC, GCC, SSC, Non-IT SO Thursday 10:30A-11A

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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