UPDATE: Telework -Withdrawn/Termination Reason

To: Chief Human Resource Officers, ATS, and Onboarding Contacts
From: SSC HR Operations
Area: ATS/Hire to Retire
Reason: UPDATE: Telework -Withdrawn/Termination Reason
Date: September 7, 2022

As noted in the May 25, 2022, memo, both PeopleAdmin and Avature were updated to include the additional declination/termination telework reason (see examples below). Both systems can be queried for this data.

Avature     PeopleAdmin

The VCCS system of record, HCM, was not updated to have the additional reason code/s. As previously shared, it was decided for consistent data collection, that HR will select the termination reason “Resigned-Other” and notate “Change in Telework” in the comment field. If you need assistance with how to enter a comment, please contact onboarding@ssc.vccs.edu for assistance.

To provide additional metrics reporting, the HCM query VX_HR_TERMINATION_COMMENTS has been developed to include comments added to the termination record.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HR Operations Line Manager, Adina Slyter at aslyter@ssc.vccs.edu

Thank you!

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