Auto-Generated Unapproved Time

To: Chief Human Resource Officers and Agency TLAM Contacts
From:  SSC TLAM Team
Area: Time and Labor and Absence Management
Reason: Auto-Generated Unapproved Time
Date: November 11, 2021
Re: Unapproved Time notifications- Time Administration

We have noted an issue with the HRMS auto-generated email notifications for an employee’s unapproved time being distributed although time records have been approved.

We have identified the root of the issue to be caused when a user at the agency manually runs the Time Administration process during the period the automated Time Administration process is running for that agency.  When the error occurs for one agency, it affects all other agencies and has to be resolved to move forward.

We ask that you review the attached automated Time Administration schedule and avoid manually running the process during the time your agency is scheduled to run.  If there is a business need, please allow at least 45 minutes after your scheduled Time Administration process before manually running this process.

We have canceled the scheduled Escalation Notifications for Salaried, Non-Exmpt- Exception & Unapproved Time automated emails for  November 12, 2021, to avoid notifications going to managers unnecessarily.   The next scheduled automated email process will occur on
November 19, 2021.  We are working with System Office IT for additional resolutions and are hopeful to have these issues resolved by then.

Please share this communication with your appropriate staff members.


Please contact  if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

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