Charter documents for RFPs, IFBs, and Unsealed Bid (QQ)

To:                 Management Council Members, and VPs of Finance

From:            Shared Services Center

Area:             Procurement

Reason:        Charter documents for RFPs, IFBs, and Unsealed Bid (QQ)

Date:             September 18, 2023

We are excited to announce the introduction of Procurement’s new Solicitation Charter documents covering Request for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations for Bids (IFBs), and Unsealed Bid (QQ). Please share this communication with all your teams that are involved in any size and type of solicitation so they are aware these Charter documents will be introduced as part of the solicitation process going forward.

The Solicitation Charter aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of our procurement processes across all entities while ensuring consistency and compliance. Our hope is that these Charters will streamline the solicitation timeframes and promote better alignment with the College and VCCS goals. The Charters provide detailed insights into each step of the RFP, IFB, and Unsealed Bid processes, including requirements, timelines, and important considerations.

Key Highlights of the Charter:

  • Clear and standardized procedures for RFPs, IFBs, and Unsealed Bid
  • Documentation of college/VCCS needs and expectations to promote solicitation success
  • Solicitation information relevant to each of the 25 entities (as needed)
  • Alignment with legal and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance
  • Solicitation process steps and the timeline of a solicitation
  • Solicitation roles and responsibilities

We encourage all stakeholders involved in procurement, bidding, and contract management to become familiar with the Charters as they are introduced through the solicitation process. We anticipate that these will serve as a crucial reference to navigate the processes effectively, resulting in more transparent and successful bid/proposal management. The Charters are now available for the Procurement Team to begin using as they begin new solicitations.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to excellence in our procurement practices. We believe that the Charters will significantly contribute to our collective success, and we appreciate your ongoing partnership!

If you have any questions, you may contact the SSC Customer Engagement team at 877-340-5577 or

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