Consistent Work Week Project

To: CHROs of select colleges

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Human Resources/Finance

Date: February 23, 2021

Re: Consistent Work Week Project

The Shared Services Center is resuming the previously approved Consistent Work Week project which will move all VCCS salary non-exempt employees to a Sunday through Saturday workweek. The project objective is to reduce ineffective processes related to overtime and compensatory time pay in HRMS. This project will not include the workweek for wage employees as the Virginia Department of Accounting (DOA) does not allow this change.

Currently, there are three models used in HRMS for salary non-exempt schedules.

  • Friday to Thursday
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Sunday to Saturday

These distinct workweek models have led to inconsistent pay results and manual processes to correct. Moving to a consistent work week will alleviate many previously identified problems.

For example, employees can randomly incur overtime not earned so Overtime 1 or Overtime 2 records must be verified and manually adjusted before being paid.

Over the next several months, The SSC will perform internal testing and facilitate User Acceptance Testing with the following colleges before implementation.

Germanna Virginia Highlands
Danville Dabney S. Lancaster
Mountain Empire Southside
Southwest Virginia Wytheville
Central Virginia Lord Fairfax
New River Paul D. Camp
Virginia Western Piedmont
Thomas Nelson

Please distribute this information to your agency’s appropriate managers and employees. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Adina Slyter at aslyter.

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