eVA Conversion

To: Management Council Members, VPs of Finance, and all eVA end users

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: eVA Conversion

Date: March 14, 2022

Dear Colleges,

As you are aware, the eVA Conversion is a few weeks away and our deadlines for procurement submissions are approaching quickly. Please note the following upcoming deadlines:

Procurement Type Deadline Note:
Invitation for Bid’s (over $10K) March 15, 2022 Same deadline for fiscal yearend
NEW cooperative or sole source justifications March 15, 2022
Requisitions (single quote, on contract, change orders, etc.) April 1, 2022 Just over two weeks away!

Please also find attached a revised detailed conversion and yearend deadline slide deck (originally reviewed in customer service calls). This revision contains the following updates:

  • Purchase order acceptance deadlines from our three primary mandatory source suppliers: VDC, VCE and VIB (slide 7)
  • Guided steps to follow to procure "urgencies" during the conversion (slide 11)
  • eVA Learning Journeys availability date change and addition of Quick Reference Guides (slide 8)

Although our goal is to complete every requisition to purchase order by the DGS eVA Conversion deadline, there is a risk that we would be unable to achieve that goal. We will do everything possible to complete all requisitions to purchase orders; however, should we find that there are requisitions that did not get processed we will communicate with requestors. If you would like to help reduce this risk, you may consider:

  • Reducing the number of ‘vendor-to-be-determined’ submissions
  • Reducing the use of unregistered vendors
  • Ensuring your titling contains your agency number in the first position (For example: A270 – Graduation Supplies)

eVA Conversion Fiscal Yearend Detailed Overview Rev03

eVA Conversion Procurement Guideline v9

Procurement Fiscal Year Ending 2022 010722

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