Executive Order 77

To: Management Council Members and all eVA end-users

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: Executive Order 77

Date: July 19, 2021

The SSC Procurement Team would like to offer some reminders and tips regarding Executive Order 77 (EO 77). Executive Order 77 is aimed at encouraging our state agencies to eliminate the use of single-use plastics. While you have generally received updates and guidance from our VCCS EO77 Committee, the SSC Procurement team would like to note a few accompanying details in the chart below to help your procurement navigation and with the quickly approaching July 21, 2021, cessation deadline.

Procurement Notes:

  Topic Notes, Tips Additional Information
1 List of Items Attached is a list of items that we are required to stop procuring effective July 21, 2021. For a full list of items and the multiple dates for those items, please see the full EO77. You may use-up any current on-hand inventory of the items listed.
2 Trash Can Liners Cessation of the use of plastic trash can liners has been extended into 2025 by the VCCS Team. The VCCS has determined that immediate cessation of trash can liners poses a health risk. By making this determination, Colleges have an extended deadline into 2025 to cease use of trash can liners.
3 Historical Reporting Attached is a step-by-step guideline from DEQ that your colleges may use to obtain your historical procurement data of the items impacted by this executive order. Information regarding agency procurement history, plastic phase out, and waste reduction needs to be reported to DEQ. The SSC Procurement Team can provide guidance with this. VCCS will be consolidating all the agency lists and submitting one package to DEQ.
4 Contract Modifications Although, the procurement team is modifying our contracts to inform and require the vendors to adhere to this executive order, in some cases colleges will need to determine alternatives desired. The SSC Procurement Team is working through the scores of contracts impacted to make modifications. This effort began weeks ago and will continue for several more to completion.
5 Non-SSC Contract Requisitions* Colleges will need to work with vendors at the time of quoting to ensure that single-use plastics are not included, and alternatives are procured/used as necessary. For all requisitions that would usually contain single-use plastics, please add a comment indicating that no single-use plastics will be used, and an alternative has been selected. The SSC Procurement Team is undergoing training to learn how to identify orders to the best of our ability that may contain single-use plastics. The team will be looking for your verification in the comments indicating that an alternative has been selected/will be used. If the team does not see a comment, then the order will be denied back with a standardized message asking you to determine alternatives.
  Requisition Comments We recommend that you add a comment like the following:

  • ‘The vendor confirmed that this food order will use paper bags, cardboard containers and wooden utensils’
  • ‘Confirming no single-use plastics will be used in this summer camp’
  • ‘These Styrofoam cups are for chemistry lab and will be used more than once’
The procurement team will be using a standardized message similar to the following to deny orders without comments that we determine may contain single-use plastics:

  • ‘This order may contain single-use plastics. No comment verification exists. Please review this order for single-use plastics, add an appropriate comment to verify non-use or that an alternate has been selected with the vendor and resubmit the order.’

*Non-SSC contract requisitions – Requisitions that are not using a vendor that is on a VCCS SSC Contract or State Contract. These requisitions include cooperative contracts, single quote orders and orders placed using a vendor agreement (not solicited). EO77_eVAReportingGuidance.pdf

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