Job Aid Publication

To:  Management Council Members, VPs of Finance, and Business Managers

From:  Shared Services Center

Area:  Accounts Payable

Reason:  Job Aid Publication

Date:  September 21, 2022

We are excited to announce the publication of two Accounts Payable job aids. To provide additional information and support, job aids will be published on the SSC website in the same location as procedures. The documents can be accessed by clicking on the Procedures tab and entering your VCCS login credentials to open the secure page. Then select SSC Procedures and Job Aids from the Quick Links menu. The Accounts Payable job aids appear directly below the Accounts Payable procedures. Please visit the site and become familiar with the growing list of resources.

The following Shared Services Center (SSC) Accounts Payable job aids have been published:

College Exceptions Queue

The College Exception Queue is used for anything that requires action on the part of the college to enable the SSC to have a 3-way match.  The job aid provides details about common error codes and the specific actions needed.

College Payments Queue

The College Payment Queue is used for anything that should be paid directly by the college. Primarily, this means anything coded with Local Funds and all PCOs. The job aid provides details about institution details, an FAQ, helpful tips.

After initial publication, the job aids will be reviewed annually to ensure they are current and correct. More frequent updates will also be made when changes are required. If you have any questions, please contact the SSC Customer Engagement Team at 877-340-5577 or email

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