Migration to eVA Next

To:  Management Council Members, VPs of Finance

CC:  eVA end users

From:  Shared Services Center

Area:  Procurement

Reason:  Migration to eVA Next

Date:  October 26, 2022

Dear Colleges,

The eVA migration is now officially underway! Integration for VCCS has been disabled and we have processed a remarkable number of requisitions this week with record high numbers going through this morning. That said, we were not able to process every request as we anticipated in our previous communications and as promised in those communications, please find attached a list of requisitions that were not processed.

Since all requisitions in submitted status will be purged, we have provided all orders in that status in the attached file. Some of these orders are older and may not be needed. Please review the attached list filtered either by column F which lists the requestor and look for your name or by column B which lists the agency and search for your agency. Then, please log into eVA and extract any information, including attachments, that you feel you will need to resubmit in the new eVA Platform.

Please contact the SSC Customer Engagement team 877-340-5577 or help@ssc.vccs.edu with any questions.

(See attached file in your email inbox.)

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