New TPPR Process

To: Management Council Members and all eVA end-users

From: VCCS Information Technology Services

Reason: New TPPR Process

Date: June 28, 2021

Colleagues, The Technology Procurement and Project Request (TPPR) process and form will be changing effective July 1st. The TPPR will still be required for technology purchases of $100K or greater. After June 30th, you will use the same service in the Team Dynamix service catalog to request the TPPR, but will no longer have to complete a separate Word document and attach for signatures. Instead, you will be presented with an online form (attached) requesting the same information you would have put in the Word document. Once submitted, this will be routed for the appropriate review and approvals. You will be notified when final approval is received. Instead of downloading a signed form, you will download a pdf, including the online form and the approvals. This is what you will need to attach to your order in eVA after June 30th. Please note that one change to the TPPR process will be to allow one approved TPPR to cover multiple renewals. On the new online form, there are 2 amount fields as shown below. The amount to be used in the Cost field is the amount of the purchase you are requesting immediately. This amount should match supporting documentation, like a vendor quote or SOW. The Contract Value field is where the total value of the contract over the period of time that the contract is valid should be entered. If you will be renewing the purchase annually for 5 years, you would enter the anticipated total amount over that 5-year period, including the initial purchase. In future years, when making the renewals, you will NOT need to get a new TPPR, but instead would attach the original TPPR to the order in eVA. tppr process

Please share this with those at your college who are responsible for making technology procurements. For more information please refer to the TPPR knowledge base article.

TPPR draft form.pdf

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