Out of State Tax Withholding Payments

To:                         Management Council Members, CHROs, and VCCS Payroll Officers
From:                    Shared Services Center
Area:                     Payroll
Date:                     July 19, 2023
Re:                         Out of State Tax Withholding Payments
Per the attached notification from the Department of Accounts, effective with the July 3, 2023 pay date, State Payroll Operations is sending state withholding tax payments to all states via ACH Credit.
Agencies are encouraged to review the payment requirements for each state and enroll in ACH Credit where needed; otherwise, your payment may be rejected by that state.

Any payments that are rejected or for which there is no state withholding account number on file with State Payroll Operations will be posted to the agency’s Other State Tax suspense account for further processing.


Please note ALL Local Tax Payments will still be remitted to the locality by the agency via vouchers.
If you have any additional questions, please email payroll@ssc.vccs.edu.


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