Prior State Service and Benefits Date Entry into HCM


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Prior State Service and Benefits Date Entry into HCM


July 2, 2024

To streamline the entry of State Service and Benefit dates in HCM, beginning on July 10, 2024, the SSC will update the State Service workflow in Avature for employees who have indicated previous full-time state service, are rehired, or who have transferred.

The updated workflow will now include the Shared Services TLAM Service Line, which will receive approved data from the agency Benefits Specialist to enter into the VCCS HCM system, perform any retro triggers if necessary, and confirm that the Benefits Service Date updates on the Employment tab on the Job Data page.

The Avature workflow:

  • Benefits Specialist will provide vetted service information and upload the VNAV record into their Avature Task.
  • TLAM will capture the information and update the Maintain Employment and Benefits pages for HCM to calculate the Prior State Service Months and Annual Leave Eligibility Date.
  • Benefits Specialist will receive a task 30 days after the hire date to review the new hires’ leave type and balances in HCM and confirm they have reviewed.

Please note: Military Service will be managed through the current automated process in HCM where the employees will provide their service documents for HR to review and approve. Once approved, the system will calculate and update the annual leave accrual.

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