Reminder – Procure to Pay Business Rule Changes

To: Management Council Members; VPs of Finance; Pcard Holders and Approvers; Program Managers, and all eVA End Users
From: Shared Services Center
Reason: Reminder - Procure to Pay Business Rule Changes
Date: January 2, 2024

Dear Colleges,

Please be aware the attached “Revised_OTC Purchase Checklist” has been updated with new links for Sections 5 and 6. Please refer to the one attached.

Reminder: As approved by our SSC Governance Councils, the following two changes are effective today, January 2, 2024:  

Name  Description*  Current Process New Process Training
1 Over-the-Counter Purchases Purchases made at the vendor’s site and paid for at the site with a PCard Colleges need to enter requisitions ahead of the purchase or at minimum as a confirming order  

1 Colleges will need to upload or attach purchase support documents to their PCard logs
2 Colleges need to respond timely to random internal audits lead by SSC Procurement Compliance


Please note: Requisition entry in eVA will no longer be required

Colleges are strongly encouraged to review the training content attached to this communication as follows:


1 The attached slide deck provides the following:

  1. Overview slides 1-7
  2. Detailed information slides 8-22
  3. Exception & form process slides 23-43
2 The attached checklist is a desktop guide meant to assist card holders purchase compliantly (the checklist is not intended to be submitted).
2 Honoraria A one-time payment for a special service for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required. If a fee is determined it is not set by the recipient and can not be paid to a 3rd party. Colleges need to enter requisitions  

1 Colleges may complete a voucher request, if needed
2 Colleges need to keep appropriate documentation on file at the college


Please note: Requisition entry in eVA will no longer be required


*Official Definitions:

  • The Department of General Services defines over-the-counter small purchase charge card (SPCC) purchases as those made at the site of the sale and picked up by the individual card holder (APSPM 14.9.e.1).  
  • An honorarium is a one-time payment for a special, non-recurring service for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required. There is no contract, the fee is not set or negotiated by the recipient, and the honorarium may not be paid to a third party (corporation, business, or partnership). If payment is negotiated and agreed upon, it would be considered a contractual agreement, not an honorarium.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These VCCS Business Rule updates do not supersede local college policy and/or procedures.  

You may contact the SSC Customer Engagement Team at 877-340-5577 or with any questions.

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