Temporary Beneficiary Designation Process

To: Chief Human Resource Officers and Onboarding Contacts
From: SSC HR Operations
Area: Hire to Retire
Reason: Temporary Beneficiary Designation Process
Date: April 1, 2022

The Onboarding Team has been made aware of a current Commonwealth myVRS system issue where employees are unable to designate their beneficiaries through the VRS online service. VRS indicated they are working on a solution and will notify Benefit Administrators once it is resolved.

To assist with obtaining benefactor elections, we will reengage the onboarding task in Avature for the new hire to complete pdf versions of the Beneficiary Designation Form and Continuation Form.

Please note below the workflow steps required to complete this process in Avature:

  • The employee receives an email notification with directions to download the form(s), complete applicable fields, date, sign, and upload it to their Avature portal task.
  • Employee verifies the task is complete.
  • The College HR/Benefits person receives an email notification the form is complete and ready for processing. The form(s) is/are found in the employee’s Avature File storage.
  • College HR/Benefits retrieves the form(s) and sends it to VRS.
  • College HR/Benefits will verify the task is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unsure if VRS has notified agency Benefits Specialists of this issue, but we suggest you review your employee files back to October 2021 to ensure that a designation of beneficiary exists for each benefit either in hard copy or online in their myVRS account.

We will provide further updates as we are made aware.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact onboarding

Thank you!

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